Brussels, Belgium



team members:

Vit Forman


This thesis is a research about new metro and tram station Lemmonier in Brussels and about follow up spaces. The position of the station on the map of Brussels is very strong. This exchange station is going to be equally significant as stations like Rogier Station or Louisa Station in Brussels. It is on border of three Brussels’ municipalities – Anderlecht, Saint-Gilles and Bruxelles-Ville. It takes a five minutes to walk to the major international train station Midi. In the opposite direction lies historical city center of Brussels.

The project involves a proposal of urban design of immediate neighborhood and crossing and organizing different kinds of transportation in one place. The area is crowded with very alive multicultural atmosphere. There is high amount of small shops, pubs and restaurants, people are living in the open street. Newcomers are starting their new lifetimes, new businesses and new relationships. This problematic lead me to the question: Could the station and its closest surrounding be a welcoming ‘gateway’ for people coming to the city?

The program of the design should pave the way for vibrant city life with a lot of attention to pedestrians and with a diversity of public attractions at street life. In my design, I want to give as much attention to the spaces in front of the buildings as to the buildings themselves. The spaces in front of the buildings are involved in the design so that this space can become urban meeting space and a place for social interaction.