Oslo, Norway



team members:

Vit Forman, Antonis Asbah


A birch tree is enclosed inside a black metal structure. Passersby can see, but cannot touch it. They cannot touch it because it is protected. Aim is to create a continuity of different experiences. Firstly, by using the height of the cubic installation (10m) we provide an easy-to-see spot. The public space around the tree is reconfigured turning the installation into a meeting point. By getting closer to the installation, the user explores what’s inside the box. The visual connection between tree and user is desired in order to give to the installation a little taste of interactivity. During the festival, the installation stands on a strategic point close to the main entrance and the temporary night club which is set especially for the event’s days. At night the installation is lightened from the inside creating interesting lighting effects which enable gatherings and also an escape during the festival. Finally, we wanted to raise consciousness about the way that people think about sustainability.